Garmone Chiropractic Coronavirus Action as of March 18, 2020


I am currently in Fort Lauderdale on vacation and will be flying home Saturday March 21. We rented a house, and were not at a hotel or resort. We had minimal exposure to people having a house. Probably less exposure then I would of had at home. But if that bothers you and you want to cancel your appointment for fourteen days until after April 4 th I will understand.

Our office plans on opening March 23 rd 2020, when I am back from vacation. I expect there will be cancellations due to the Coronavirus. That said I do have a plan for patients coming into the office. First, If you are sick, PLEASE PLEASE do not come in, I can not stress that enough, you will not be seen. Second, We will be taking chairs out of the waiting room so everyone has personal space. Third, we will be spreading out appointments so people will not be in the waiting room for extended periods of time. I would like to have no more than 4 people in the office at any time. So people who usually walk in and have been with me for years I will really ask for your cooperation in making appointments or you may be turned away. Just call ahead we may be able to get you seen in 30 mins. Also if I seem less talkative it is just to try and not keep people waiting in the office. Fourth, please do not bring any children or non patients in the office if you can help it. I understand school and daycares are closed so it may happen, but if you need to rearrange your appointments we will work with you. Fifth, all my patients over 60 will not be scheduled during regular hours. I do not have an exact answer for this yet but I am thinking of doing Thursday hours for my older patients. Please call the office for more details. Lastly, in between every patient the tables, face area and hand rest will be cleaned with an antiviral cleaner to prevent contamination.

I appreciate your cooperation with these policies. Again these are as of March 18, 2020, If the state of New York or Federal government changes policies mine will have to change. So again please contact the office directly for any questions.

Thanks for your cooperation at this crazy time in the world.

Dr. Anthony Garmone

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