Oxygen Training


oxygen training
  • LiveO2 is a healing and restorative exercise. Saturates the body with oxygen at the cellular level, thus resulting in healing and restorative effects by re-establishing blood flow and decreasing inflammation.

  • LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast™ accelerates the natural recovery process by driving oxygen deep into the muscle tissues creating an anti-inflammatory healing environment.

  • LiveO2 AC™ uses approx. 90% oxygen combined with intervals of hypoxia (low oxygen).

This method allows the participant to create more red blood cells to carry oxygen more efficiently through the body while also extending lung capacity.

When the concentrated oxygen flow is turned on the cells are then able to absorb much more oxygen deeper into the muscles and tissues specifically targeting capillary inflammation with bursts of plasma dissolved oxygen.

This results as an ultimate anti-inflammatory. This anti-inflammatory benefit restores the blood supply to tissue and allows the tissue to return to normal aerobic metabolism.
This seemingly unfair advantage speeds up recovery from muscle fatigue and injury.

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